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We only want the best for our children.  These beautiful souls are the future of our world so why wouldn’t we want to invest in them? When I work with babies and children I use Gentle Touch™ Reflexology.

The touch is so much lighter than traditional methods of reflexology I use with adults but has exactly the same effect. 

There are so many ways reflexology can support your baby or child both physically and emotionally. It helps with sleep issues, has a calming and relaxing effect, helps alleviate colic, teething, improves digestive function and helps boost the immune system. Soothes and settles in times of distress, helps with separation anxiety. 

For teenagers, reflexology can help reduce high levels of stress they face through the angst of growing up, exams and also and hormonal imbalances often experienced at this time. Reflexology assists them to be or stay focused, improves concentration, improves ability to relax, improves and assists their immune system, improves self confidence and self esteem. ​


I teach a four week course for parents, grandparents and other caregivers with their babies. The course teaches you Gentle Touch™ Reflexology and the techniques to give you enough confidence to practice reflexology with your baby at home. You will strengthen the bond between you and your baby and it’s a beautiful way to share the physical and emotional benefits of reflexology. Not only that but it’s a great opportunity to meet like minded people too.


0-12 years 30 minutes @ £30.00

13-16 years 45 minutes @ £35.00

Areas outside of Colchester incur a £5 travel supplement 

Cancellation policy

Less than 24 hours - 100% fee

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