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The Functional Reflex Therapy Framework for Reflexology is designed for children and adults of all ages with high levels of anxiety, intellectual difficulties, autism, special educational needs and disabilities and is an enjoyable beneficial experience for more vulnerable adults with dementia and Alzheimer's.

The holistic package of Functional Reflex Therapy offers a unique framework accessible to all. It uses a combination of relaxation techniques drawn from original theories and practices of the complementary therapy of reflexology, supported where appropriate with the easily recognisable logo and the FRT tool kit to help with communication, preparation and involvement with the session.

FRT may reduce stress, anxiety, relieve tension, help improve mood, encourage engagement, social interaction and increase receptiveness.

This unique framework provides a range of opportunities and experiences including:

The basic techniques, which can be shared with parents and carers in a nurturing, positive touch activity workshop, taught by a qualified FRT reflexologist.



Initial Consultation and treatment for 30 minutes @ £30

Follow up treatment 25 minutes @ £25


Cancellation policy

Less than 24 hours - 100% fee

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