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Lucy & Oscar

Victoria automatically put me at ease, embraced my 3-year-old and treated him with kindness and respect despite his best efforts to disrupt the relaxing atmosphere. Even with my son running around I felt very relaxed.

I contacted Victoria for reflexology to help relieve some of my pregnancy symptoms and I was very comfortable in knowing she understood how to treat them. Victoria impressed me with her knowledge in reflexology and her skills in the practice. 


Victoria, is such a lovely lady. She instantly made me feel really comfortable which enabled me to relax and enjoy my treatment. I was impressed with her level of knowledge and found it so interesting to understand how Reflexology can help improve many health conditions including fertility.

I've now had several sessions with Victoria and would highly recommend Victoria and her 'magic hands' for Reflexology treatments. I am really feeling the benefits and I get something different out of every treatment. 


I visited Victoria today at the Coggeshall Mind Body and Soul exhibition. It was a short taster for a half hour but in that time she picked up many niggles. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. 

Thank you Victoria, it was lovely to meet you.

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